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DataFeedWatch: Newer, Better, Faster!!!

Posted on Marzec 8, 2017 by Jacques van der Wilt

We are proud to present the next generation version of DataFeedWatch. We have been working on it for a while now and we are happy to announce that it is live as of today. DataFeedWatch’s core belief is that feed management is a marketing task and campaign managers should be hands-on with their feeds. That […]

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Add Product Ratings on Google Shopping

Posted on Luty 28, 2017 by Monica Axinte

Shoppers rely on ratings when deciding where and how to spend their money online. In fact, 88 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Why are they so important and what can you do to get them? Product ratings appear on products listed in Google Shopping and on shopping ads, […]

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Google Shopping Available In Singapore

Posted on Luty 27, 2017 by Monica Axinte

Exciting news for retailers in Southeast Asia: Google Shopping has been finally rolled out in Singapore in February 2017. Singapore, the first country in Southeast Asia where Google Shopping has been launched represents good news for both retailers and shoppers. Current eRetail landscape in Singapore Singaporean e-Commerce market is one of the most promising in […]

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Google Shopping 2017: New Countries Available

Posted on Luty 24, 2017 by Monica Axinte

Google Shopping is expanding to 14 new countries in 2017. What are the implications of this huge expansion and what can retailers do to take full advantage of it? Until the end of 2016, Google Shopping was available in 23 countries only, but things are rapidly evolving. At the end of last year, Google has […]

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How to Write Effective Amazon Product Listings – Part Two

Posted on Luty 20, 2017 by Monica Axinte

If you are looking to increase your sales on Amazon then look no further. Optimizing your product listings is the key to it: you’ll get you more product page visits and more sales. We have already covered three of the elements that guarantee you an effective Amazon product listing and now we are having an […]

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How to Write Effective Amazon Product Listings – Part One

Posted on Luty 17, 2017 by Monica Axinte

Want to get a slice of the world’s largest online retailer purchases? Today half of all online shopping searches start directly on Amazon. This translates into a lot of selling opportunities for vendors, but it also means that it is a dog-eat-dog world out there. With so many factors that are out of your control […]

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How To Validate Your GTINs in 5 Steps?

Posted on Luty 15, 2017 by Monica Axinte

If your GTINs are wrong your products are disapproved on Google Shopping and Amazon, as well as other shopping channels and marketplaces. There are five steps that you can take to make sure that your GTINs are accurate for such situations in which the GTINs you have turn out to be invalid. Nowadays, the GTIN […]

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Use Google Currency Converter Tool for International Expansion

Posted on Luty 10, 2017 by Monica Axinte

The currency converter could be a game changer for small and mid-sized retailers aiming to expand their business internationally. In 2016, Google rolled out the currency conversion tool which makes it easier than ever to sell products in new international markets. Without having to change the website or product pages, the currency in the data feed […]

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6 Smart Ways to improve your Seller Ratings for Google

Posted on Luty 6, 2017 by Monica Axinte

More than 90 percent of customers rely heavily on ratings and reviews when making buying decisions. That is why having Seller Ratings added to your Google Shopping ads will increase the trust of the shoppers in the quality of your services, your click-through-rates and lower your average CPC and cost per conversion. Given this huge […]

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How to Battle Shopping Cart Abandonment? [13 Proven Tactics]

Posted on Styczeń 29, 2017 by Monica Axinte

Shopping Cart abandonment amounted to a whopping $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise in 2016. It is indisputably the headache of the online retail industry and is causing retailers a lot of pain and frustration. To tackle shopping cart abandonment efficiently merchants have to improve the browsing and the checkout experience for the customer, build trust, […]

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