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Twenga is a solutions provider which aims to resolve merchant’s complex client acquisition issues

Our aim is simple: provide you with the most qualified buyer’s traffic.

Reference your products and gain new clients in just a few clicks

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Why be present on Twenga?

Sell more:

Gain new qualified buyers


Manage your budget

Pay the right price for your clicks! With dynamic pricing, you pay for your clicks depending on their potential conversion. (view detailed rate card).

100% free to create and configure your account: it is risk free!

Follow your activity:

Benefit from a complete and reliable traffic monitoring interface.

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What services are included?


  • Automatic listing of your catalogue on Twenga, no technical effort required using our partner’s dedicated export method.
  • A back office with brand new tools to help you manage your activity and sales
  • Free technical and commercial assistance
  • More than 15,000 merchants have already used Twenga, don’t wait any longer!
  • Signing up with Twenga is easy, fast and without a minimum commitment period!

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Do you have more than 200,000 unique visitors per month? Discover Twenga Solutions

Twenga proposes two traffic acquisition solutions: smart LEADS and smart SEM. These automated and evolving solutions mean for advanced segmentation, targeting and ROI management


Multiply your traffic and sales, all while respecting your ROI targets with Twenga.

– Advanced offer scoring and user targeting.

– Precise product matching for each user.

– Refined dynamic pricing based on each lead’s conversion.

– Autopiloted campaigns using performance


Smart SEM

Boost the volume and ROI for your Adwords and Google Shopping campaigns.

– Constant keyword detection and optimization using your product catalogue.

– Automatic creation of optimized landing pages.

– Bids adjusted in real time according to your ROI targets.

– Refined user targeting using your CRM segmentation.



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